Phoned Marlise at lunch to find out what she was doing this afternoon, and ended up at her house for the afternoon.  I really really enjoyed myself.  I needed that.  An afternoon yakking to friends (her and Tanya), and leaving the kids to their own devices.

And, the best bit, I seemed to have got my photo-mojo back!  I’ve been struggling this week. Really struggling.  Maybe it’s just because I’ve only been able to take photos in the semi-dark, but today was MUCH better.

I was very worried about doing photos for a colleague tomorrow, but now I’m more confident about it… even though I think I should cancel in the morning… one of her kids has been very ill in hospital this week and it’s SO bitterly cold this weekend that I think it would be very unwise to do photos in her garden.  I’ll just postpone for another weekend I think.

I can’t actually resist showing a few of the shots that I took today of the kids.

Marlise’s daughter Sonja

This is Tanya’s little 4 month old

And I can’t post pics without a few of my own kids…