I’m at a conference (the IAF Africa 2008 Conference) at the moment, and oh man, is it good!!  I’m thoroughly enjoying it, and learning so many new tools and techniques.

It’s the first truely international conference that I’ve attended.  There are about 120 people, yet only about 20% are South African.  It was very interesting this morning learning where everyone comes from – Aus, NZ, UK, US, Canada, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Malaysia, Singapore, Malawi, Jamaica to name but a few.  It’s been fascinating learning what challenges are faced by people in other countries, and then comparing those to my own experiences. 

This afternoon I was sitting next to a person who works for the Singapore Police Force, and in the one session this morning I sat next to a consultant from Nigeria.  Absolutely fascinating! 

The more I get to learn about the art of facilitation, the more I want to learn and grow.  It’s a fascinating career.  I only really deal with such a small portion of it, I really to get more involved. 

One of the sessions I attended today was about Outcome Mapping.  That’s that’s a fascinating process, and very effective.  The facilitator got each of us to map out an action plan for ourselves wrt a personal goal within half an hour!  So…. I now have an action plan to work towards… and the goal… to start earning money out of my photography.  I think I have quite a way to go… but some people here (***eyeing people in the internet world out****) must brace themselves for some questions from me 🙂  They’re coming!  I just need to formulate a list 🙂