I can’t believe I have a headache from the wine I had at lunch yesterday! I’ve had this headache since last night for pete sake!  It’s definitely a sign of age 🙁

It’s not like I had a lot either, I only had about 3 glasses (if that!).  I think my excuse is that I was sitting in the sun! 

Oh and of course, that it wasn’t exactly the best bottle of wine, but it was very drinkable 🙂


We went out for lunch to Ngwenya Glass Village to celebrate Fiona’s birthday (needless to say I didn’t even get a moment to look at the glass work and I was too scared to take the boys inside the shop).

It was wonderful! The kids had an absolute ball. I’m loving that Bradley is at the age that I don’t have to really worry about him, I just have to watch the little monster.

And OMW, did I have to watch him!!  We had barely sat down, when Connor climbed to the top of the jungle gym (which was higher than I am), and then tried to climb down the side that had no barrier, no slide and no steps!!  I JUST got there in time (after barrelling over tables, chairs and pushing people out the way).  It was very close.  If he’d fallen it would definitely have been a hospital trip – there was a wooden pole at the bottom that he would most definitely have either hit his back or head on.

I really needed a day like that… with excellent food, wine, friends and perfect winter weather.  Connor fell asleep before we even got to the main road 🙂