Natasha tagged my photoblog a few days ago, but I’ve decided to respond here 😉

List 6 quirky facts about yourself:

1.  I don’t like ice-cream at all.

2.  I have a sequence to get the kid out of the car, and if it’s disturbed I get a bit lost.  Bradley’s door gets opened, and he climbs out by himself, while I get Connor out… and then the bags get removed.  I work my way around the car… it’s more efficient that way.

3.  I hate writing cards, because I can never think of anything to say, so now I just write a big message on the wrapping paper with a fat pen.  I’m sure people think I’m a miser, because I don’t buy cards, but that’s not the reason at all!

4.  My clothes are in order in my cupboard (by type of clothing item and length), and I get very ratty if they’re disturbed.

5.  I start sneezing when I visit my parents and the doors are closed.  Weird!

6.  I ate dried mopani worms once… it was a drunken dare.  They were very gross, and I won’t do it ever again!

Ho hum, this was difficult, I don’t think I’m quirky!  But now it’s your turn… I’m tagging 6 other bloggers… Laura, Madi, Lindy, Corey, Sarah, and Janine

and on the subject of meme’s, I’ve posted my bad mommy’s homework for last week (yes, I’m late!)