I had such a bad night last night!

As I mentioned before, Lance is in Cape Town for a few days, and when that happens the boys sleep with me and I lock the bedroom door and set the alarm in the rest of the house.

Now, in addition to the house alarm, we also have security beams in the garden that are linked to a seperate alarm.  The beams cover most of the garden, and act as a warning to us and would-be intruders.

Last night, at midnight, the beams went off!  OMW did my heart drop. Before I disabled it, I checked the panel and noted which beams had been triggered – and 2 had been.  And that’s never happened before. On the odd occasion we’ve had one of the beams set off, but only if the garden gate is closed and a stray cat climbs over the wall.

So, I unlocked and opened the bedroom door trying to figure out in my haze, who to phone… and I set off the house alarm. 

Anyway, to cut  a VERY long story short, ADT (the armed response company that we’re linked to) came in less than 3 minutes, I was seriously impressed.   He checked the property, but there was no-one by that stage.  He thinks, and I think, that there was someone on the property… this wasn’t a false alarm… especially because 2 beams went off.

This morning, I checked the garden, and I think I know where they came in and got out. I think they climbed a tree in my neighbours garden and jumped from there over his electric fence into our garden, and set the one alarm off… and then they ran across the garden (setting the other beam off) to a piece of wall where I’ve just removed a creeper… and jumped into another neighbours garden. 

I removed the creeper because our other neighbour has just installed electric fencing, and the creeper would have damaged it.  He installed electric fencing because someone got into his property by jumping a wall, and his car was broken into… 3 weeks ago!

Scary shit!  Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much last night.

At least the beams are doing their job, and stopping people from breaking into the house!

Hope I have a better night tonight, but at this rate, I doubt it.