One of my colleagues is very pregnant. And I heard this morning, that she had labour like pains yesterday in the office (I was on conference so wasn’t there).

OMW did I give her a lecture when I saw her! First she had to work out how far she was, she’s not counting in weeks… well until now anyway!! When she told me that she’s 35 weeks today, it just brought back so many memories. I’m now an emotional wreck!

I’ve told her to leave her laptop locked to her desk, she’s NOT to carry it to the car from now on. Also I’ve told her NOT to walk to her parkade, but rather to park in our building… they’ll let her because she’s so pregnant. I’m convinced that’s why I went into labour early. It’s a DAMN far way to walk every day, especially carrying laptop bags and handbags!

Now the poor chick is very scared. Oops, maybe I overdid it a bit, but really, she cannot be too careful especially if she’s already in pain! She’s going to the doc this afternoon for a checkup, so I really hope everything is OK. Ive given her a link to my blog and the entries that I posted when Connor was born, because a friend of hers is also 35 weeks today and gave birth this morning and her baby is in NICU. Hope that doesn’t scare her more! Maybe I shouldn’t have done that.