OK, he’s 18m+1week 🙂

I haven’t posted about Connor in quite a while, and thought that it was about time that I did.

In the last 2 week’s he’s really changed, and is all of a sudden doing so many new things.  My mom is convinced it’s because we spent more time with him when we were on holiday, but I also think it’s because Bradley’s been at home with him this month.

On Friday he started jumping.  It’s the cutest thing to see.  He bounces around while you say “jump” and eventually his feet both leave the ground 🙂

And you should see him dance.  LOL!!  I should really get my old camera out to video it.  It’s a half skip that he does while going around in circles. 

As for fine motor stuff, he’s not as advanced as Bradley was at this age.  We’ve only just started doing 2 piece puzzles with him, and he hasn’t quite grasped it yet, but he’ll get there.  He has started enjoying drawing though, even though he only concentrates on it for less than a minute (before he’s eating the crayons!).  And while Bradley’s been on holiday, they’ve been drawing on the paving outside with chalk, which is great fun for both boys. 

But he has started sitting still for long enough to listen to a short book being read to him!  That’s a HUGE change in the last few weeks, and he absolutely loves it.

As for talking, well, I don’t think it’s going to be long now.  He’s started saying the right kind of sounds for us to be able to decipher what we think are words.  Every day for the last week, my mom and I have noticed an improvement.  He now says Mamma, Dadda, Adda (Bradley), Bubbles (that’s the only really clear word!), Mawmawmaw (more more when he wants food or juice or sweets), Meeee (Miao for the stray cat that we feed every morning), umum (dummy or bottle), haha (hadeda birds get shouted at when he spots them in the sky), parp (when he hears a car), cack (quack for a duck), ooo (moo of a cow), cockoooooo (cockle doodle doo! when he sees a rooster), aaaaagggghhh (roaring like a lion).  As you can tell, we read a lot of books with animals in them 😉 

I’m also convinced that he said mine yesterday, when he took his dummy from me.  He hasn’t said it again though.

He uses his own sign language for a lot of his communication, which is why his speech might be a bit slower than Bradley’s was, but I think it’s starting to frustrate him , because he’s screaming a lot now when he wants attention, and I remember Bradley doing that just before he started talking.  His signs are quite cute… he sweeps his hand to one side for “go away”.  He lifts his hands up and outwards, and makes a silent “oooh” mouth for “gone”.  He pretends to chew when he wants you/the cat to eat something.  He pats his nappy if he wants you to change it.  And I can’t think of more right now, but I’m sure there is.

He was just the cutest on holiday when he spotted the seagulls.  He watched them for ages, and then started running on the beach and flapping his arms.  LOL!  And he still does it now when you ask him what a seagull does.

But he’s a naughty little thing!  And OMW so busy! He doesn’t stop for a second.  He opens all the cupboards, all the doors, and nothing is safe! 

Within half an hour of us being in the flat at Shelly Beach we had to find a high cupboard to put the knives and scissors away, because he was running through the flat with a butcher’s knife in the one hand and the scissors in the other hand! Hee hee, it wasn’t fun for us at the time! 

And of course, his favourite song at the moment is the Barney song.  and he runs to you to give you a hug at the end!  It’s the cutest.  As for Barney, like every kid his age, he’s obsessed with the dvds!  He can’t get enough of them, especially the Zoo one.

And talking of hugs, if he spots Bradley crying, he runs to him and hugs him!  Awww!  It’s so adorable to watch.

He’s the most adorable little boy 🙂  But OMW, he’s exhausting!