Lance owes me dinner.  That bet was EASY to win 🙂

Last week he decided to go on diet.  I told him it wouldn’t last a week, and he said he promises he would be good for at least a month. 

So we took a bet on it… if I caught him having chocolate, or pudding or anything bad, he would owe me dinner, and if he lasted a month I’d buy dinner.

Silly man was so convinced he’d win that he made me promise that it would be an expensive restaurant.

Hee hee, that was easy 🙂  I noticed that one of the choc muffins had been eaten this morning… and then this morning he took a chocolate biscuit out of the cupboard to munch on.  LOL!

Now I have a yummy meal to look forward too 🙂 I wonder where we should go?