Oh boy, yesterday was HECTIC!  I posted some pics for  weekly winners, and for photohunt on my photoblog, but now for the story.

Even though it was tiring to take both the kids with us, I made the right decision.  And in the grander scheme of things, considering they went on 2 plane trips in one day, they were very well behaved.  We hardly had tantrums in the plane, one or 2 maybe, but they were manageable.  Thankfully I wasn’t on my own with them though (my dad and sister were on the planes with me), that was my saving grace.

I don’t actually know where to start with this blog post.  I want to write down how I felt when I got home last night, not for everyone here, but for me.  I don’t want to forget.  I think I’m desperate to not forget a moment, because I don’t think I’ll see him again and that is just such a heart wrenching thought.  We want to go to Hermanus in October for a weekend again, and I’ve now told my grandparents that (so it HAS to happen), but I’m not sure if he’ll make it that long.

With all the travelling, we only got to spend about 2 1/2 hours with them.  It’s such a short time which was madly chaotic with the kids running around, but it was a long enough visit for my grandad.  By the time we left he was very tired and could barely talk (he was slurring a lot).  It was so special for me to see Connor relate to him and give him chips.  Both of them enjoyed that moment, I think.

And talking about the kids, one of the reasons it was so good to take them was because it lightened the whole mood I think.  If they weren’t there, all the attention would have been on my grandparents and the point of the trip was to just talk about random things and relax, with no pressure about talks of the future etc.  Instead, the kids were like a whirlwind in the flatlet!  But not a bad whirlwind KWIM?  

As for my granny, she just doesn’t relax.  We took lunch on purpose, yet she insisted on cutting the chicken etc, and the carer that looks after them told my dad that she just doesn’t sit down ever.  It must be so hard for her to have someone helping her out.  But she really has to take it easy now.  She’s a lot thinner than the she was, yet she was looking quite good yesterday.

I think that my brother and sister got more of a shock seeing them than I did.  I expected my grandad to look a lot worse.  Heaven knows what I expected actually!  But Elaine said that they looked worse than she expected.  Maybe it’s because I saw them more recently than Elaine or Carl has.  My grandad’s speech and hearing was a bit of a surprise though, and to see his memory failing him was very sad; even though my dad had told us about it.  It got more pronounced the longer we were there, as he got more and more tired.

Emotionally, the trip was ok.  None of us were emotional while we were there at all, and coming from me, that’s huge!  I’m normally the first one to cry…at anything.  Maybe it was because of the kids?  Probably.

But when we left it was hard.  My granny was sobbing when she said goodbye.  And she told us to just leave her at the door.  I don’t think she wanted my grandad to see her like that.  That was hard.  Very hard.  It just brought it home that I think that she doesn’t expect us to see him again.  She’s always been a bit upset when we’ve left, but not like that.  This time it was very different (and now I’m crying just thinking about it again).

My only regret about the trip… I didn’t get a photo of my dad with his parents.  I’m actually very upset about that. But there’s nothing I can do about it now.

I really really hope that I see them both in October, and that we can spend more time with them.