I can’t believe that I forgot about bookclub tonight!

Marlise just phoned to find out where I was!! OMW! LOL!  Too late now, I’m sitting in my jarmies and drinking milo.  I need to go to bed early tonight, and a hangover will make tomorrow even worse than it’s going to be!

As for tomorrow, I tried to change the flight home to Sunday, but SAA wanted to charge me almost the price of the tickets!  So, we’re sticking to the original plan and flying to CT at 7, and flying home tomorrow evening. 

It’s actually mad, with all the travel time in the plane and the car, we’re going to only end up spending about 2 hours with my grandparents in Hermanus!  And what FUN it’s going to be with the 2 kids!  NOT! LOL! We’re mad!!

Anyhoo, I hope we’ll have time while we’re there to take a quick walk to the cliffs to try and spot some whales, so I hope to have pics for you tomorrow night 🙂