I bought myself another new toy… just in time for our holiday!

It was a first for me.  The first time that I’ve bought anything other than a book and flowers on the internet!  And it was so FAST and so much cheaper than getting it in the shop.   Don’t laugh! 🙂  South Africa’s internet shopping sites are generally crap and there’s barely any variety online, so it’s easier to physically shop, but clearly that’s not the case for photo equipment.

I got myself a Canon 50mm f1.8II.  And I can see why photogs like those lenses!  It’s so much faster than the other lenses I have.

And I bought a new camera bag… a Crumpler Pretty Boy!  It’s much bulkier than I thought it would be, but it’s gorge!  I love the olivy colour! So glad they had it in stock.  I must say there is merit in having a small bag though to just carry the camera and one lens, but anyhoo I can always use my “old” bag for that.

And I decided to buy myself a remote switch… but thought I was clever and bought an infra red one instead of the usual one with a cable.  And I’m not sure that was wise, now that I’ve used it.  It’ll work quite well for self-portraits as you have to point it to the front of the camera, but I was planning on using it for macro stuff, and I’m not sure it’ll work that well for that.  Time will tell I suppose.

But damnit because I did it all online, I forgot about the UV filter!!  I’ll have to get one for the lens on another day.  All in all though, the shopping experience was a very good one, and one that I’ll repeat!