I noticed a new rash on Bradley’s legs last night.  It looks like Steven Johnsons Syndrome is starting again 🙁  It started on his legs the last time too, and it’s the same colour, and this morning his skin started going brown.  Oh CRAP! 

Thankfully it’s not under his arms yet or in the crease of his elbow or on his chest or face yet.  And it’s not itchy yet, it was only stinging when I put cream on it after his bath.

Since then he’s been interrogated by us.  The only thing we can think that’s causing it this time is sunblock that he’s been getting at school.  We have been so careful at home with his food and toiletries – there’s no sulphur in anything at home.  We have spoken to his new teacher, and he promises that he’s only been drinking fresh fruit juices or water supplied by the school… but you never know… he might be sharing someone’s lunch which is packed with sulphates.  And because he can’t read yet, I can’t expect him to check every single thing that he ingests… he knows to be careful… but still… he is only 5.

So this morning, I put sunblock on before he went to school, and he has a sulphate free sunblock in his bag now.

I hope that’s the cause.  We’ll just have to watch him closely.

And guess what… I’ve lost the name of that specialist that the GP said we need to see.  AAARGGGHHH!  Jsut when I was spouting about how glad I was that he recovered!