For the last few weeks, I’ve been making egg and bacon for breakfast on Sundays for the whole family, and it seems to be a hit.

Yes, I’ve never done it before, it’s been cereal or toast on Sundays before now.  LOL!  A far cry from the big breakfasts my mom used to make us every Sunday!

Anyway, Connor and Bradley won’t eat anything else on weekends for breakfast now other than scrambled eggs, so I decided a few weeks ago to just go the whole hog, and do it properly.

This morning I was talking about this new way of eating, but couldn’t think of the right word.  So I said to Lance “Looks like we’ve started a new…. habit… no that’s not the right word”

And Bradley pipes up “Rabbit?”

LOL!  I think all the rhyming games we’re playing is paying off, but lol, that’s not what I meant.