If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you would know that Bradley got very ill last year (it started almost a year ago actually).  Eventually the GP figured out what was wrong with him (the paed just told me that he was allergic to something and he was too young to be tested), and he eventually got better.  He got Steven Johnsons Syndrome, and after a while another GP (one of our GP’s partners) told us that it was probably Sulphur that was causing it.  And the antibiotics (that the paed had prescribed), cough mixture, cold medicine and dried fruit that I was giving him at the time to “help” him actually caused it because they all have sulphurs in them.  Since we’ve cut out sulphurs and sulphates and sulphites from his diet and his toiletries etc he’s been so perfectly well. 

Anyhoo, my story today comes from a conversation I had yesterday with a colleague.  Yip, another real conversation… I’ve had a week full of them.

Her 7 year old niece got Steven Johnsons last year from her epileptic medicine.  And unlike Bradley, who I managed to treat at home, she ended up in ICU.  She lost her eyebrows and eyelashes and nails, and her eyesight was badly affected too!!  OMG, Bradley’s so lucky!  I think that the doc gave him the cortisones and different antibiotics just in time actually!   His skin peeled completely, but not as bad as it sounds like hers did.

Frightening actually!  And then to top it off, this poor kid was in a 9 hour operation yesterday as they discovered a large tumour at the back of her head!  I don’t actually know how it went (my colleague is not at the office today), but my heart breaks for her.  To go through all that at the age of 7!

I was telling Lance about this last night, and this had made me realise that I HAVE to contact that specialist and have him tested properly now.  I can’t actually leave it. 

Every time Bradley gets ill now, the doctors actually don’t know what to prescribe because all cough mixtures have sulphur and most medicines have some form of sulphur in them.  But if we actually knew exactly which form of sulphur he was allergic to, he’d be able to get medicated properly.