YAY! I finally made up my mind, and went to see the new Honda Jazz today, and signed for one!

It’s only being officially launched in this country on Saturday, and it looks like I’ll be getting it next week!! How cool is that?!

I had to get rid of the Renault.  It’s costing me a fortune in petrol and tyres, and the repayments are high etc etc etc.  So, I’ve downgraded and got a smaller cheaper car.  And it’ll be easier to sell in the long run! Speaking of which, I lost hobos of cash trading my old car in.  It’s quite scary actually! But anyhoo, at least I don’t have to pay anything in!

So, I’m getting the 1.5 EX auto (because I’m lazy 😉 ) in Storm Silver with leather seats and smash and grab glass! Oh and it’s got climate control, and onboard computer and it even plays MP3’s and even has a UPS port!! Cannot wait! I haven’t had a new car in ages! I’m probably going to miss the space a bit, but I’m going to so enjoy having some spare cash for a change!  Well, until Connor goes to school in January.