Dale commented on the schools post, and suggested that I start a petition to get the Dept of Education to provide loo paper to the schools, because the last petition I helped with worked so well.

It sounds like a good idea on the surface, however, considering all the corruption and the general state of the GDE, I doubt whether a petition would make an iota of difference in this country.

Maybe I have little faith in this country at the moment? 

What I would like to do to expose it more, is maybe to take photos of the extent of the problem, and somehow use them to build up some support for him.  However, considering I have no idea what his name is, or how to get hold of him; that’s going to be a problem too!  I was actually thinking the other day that I was SOOOO stupid not to get his details!  So, I’m not going to do anything about it…. for now.