That is the size of the pants I was wearing today!

Flipping awesome if you ask me! While I was shopping for kids shoes yesterday in Woolies, I had to stop and get myself a pair of black pants (1 pair isn’t enough in my wardrobe).

I never try on clothes anymore, I never have the time; so I just grabbed the pair on a size 12 hanger (in SA a size 12 is a size 36, and it seems to be a US size 10 if I look at the charts… so a size 10 is a US size 8).

I only double checked the labels this morning, once I’d taken them off the garment… and only because the “0” caught my eye!

I havent’ worn that size since pre-Bradley!! Woohoo!!  That’s more than 6 years peeps! 6 years!! I reckon that if I lose the tummy, I’ll be wearing size 10’s every day.