.. is loads of photographic stuff.  LOL!

I think it’s quite funny, that a year ago, I wasn’t interested in it as much as I am now.  I’m now obsessed with lenses and camera gadgets!

Lotus got me thinking about what I really really want, so I thought I’d post about it too!  I think she’s building up to a good Blissful post because she emailed a few of us and asked us what we’d really like.

So here’s my wishlist of photo equipment that I’d really like.. bearing in mind that there’s no way on this fine earth that I’ll get them for Christmas or in fact anytime in the future at this rate, but we can dream, can’t we?

1.  A backup camera, or rather another camera so that the one I currently have can be the backup.  And it would have to be the Canon 50D.  I realised today when I had a problem that I’m rather stuffed if I have to send mine in for repairs.  It’s no wonder that wedding photogs always have 2 cameras on them.

2.  A Studio-2-Go Kit for lighting so that I can set up a studio at home, or use them on location.

3.  A backdrop stand.  I bought black fabric today for my photoshoot on Saturday but I have nothing to hang it on.  LOL!

4.  A Macro lens because the Macro function on the Zoom lens I have doesn’t work brilliantly. I’d love the real McCoy, but Mishelle posted about a cheaper version on Blissful the other day, and I see we can get them in South Africa through Wantitall!!

5.  Oh and not forgetting a Wide Angle lens.  One of the guys that I follow on Twitter, has really made me hanker after a Wide Angle lens.

6.  Oh and an all-rounder lens for portraits.

I suppose I’d better add a new smaller items now…

7.  Grey card – I still don’t have one, and I should really get one.

8.  A bean bag so that I can take stable photos in the car

9.  A Flash diffuser for my new flash!

10.  Another CF card for my camera with more memory, because at some stage I’m going to fill a card and not have a backup during a shoot.

See, I told you I’m getting obsessed, this list is getting VERY long, and the more I think about it, the more I can add to it.  Hehe, but I think that’s enough for one day.