Connor has a love for anything that makes a mark of any sort… whether it’s a koki pen (felt-tip pen) or a crayon (which are apparently quite yummy to eat too) or even a stick.

He’s also very proud of the fact that he can make marks on things, and paper is much too boring for him!

He must’ve felt that my kitchen cupboards needed revamping, because we got home a few weeks ago to find lovely drawings all over the cupboard doors.  But that’s not all… he opened cupboards and drew little “pictures” between the pots! Oh, yes, and not to forget… the inside of the fridge has also been annointed with his pen!  I’m still trying to find a cleaning solution that will get the marks out!

Then on Friday, when my mom got to my house to pick him up, Beauty told her that Connor had reached onto the kitchen counter and got hold of the syrup. Ho hum.  She found him in the lounge merrily “painting” syrup circles onto the coffee table.  He’d also painted the cushions on the couches!  Thank God, none had got onto the persian rug!  Thankfully I didn’t have to clean up the sticky mess 🙂 

And the funniest was yesterday afternoon at my mom’s house. When I got there, Elaine was painting her toenails on the veranda and the boys were drawing.  We got chatting and weren’t watching them… only to look up and see that Connor had drawn tattoos all the way down his legs, and had coloured in his toenails!!

LOL, he looked so cute, and I didn’t even have my camera on me (for a change!).  Not that the toenails can come clean! So now he looks like he’s been in the wars again… he has black toenails 🙂

I wonder what’s next?