… taken my camera to work today! Damn!

We had our company year-end function, and true to form, it was fabulous! The theme was “Bling it on” and people were dressed up to the nines for the occasion.

It was quite weird not to have my camera there, and I REALLY KICKED myself when the Parlotones started playing LIVE!!  I could have got such amazing photos as the lighting was perfect!

I just thought that the camera bag was so heavy and I didn’t really feel like lugging it around… and I didn’t think I’d be able to use the photos anyway. Ha! I should know by now… REPEAT AFTER SELF… ALWAYS KEEP CAMERA IN CAR!!

As for the outfits… OMW… I think I really need to get a few Ed Hardy T-shirts for Lance and myself!! Love them!! And so many people wearing them!! And I’ve discovered that there’s a shop in Sandton!  Of course, some guys were wearing Christian Audigier… but can’t afford that!

It was very apparent which people wear the bling stuff often… they looked so comfortable in their sequinse and glitter tops etc.

Anyhoo, I came home to blog about it, while everyone else carried on partying. LOL! I’m quite old and sad hey?  There are going to be some very bleary eyes in the office in the morning 🙂