I went to the shops this afternoon to buy nappies.  But before I went, I read Lotus’ post about green training pants, and it triggered thoughts of potty training.

I have to start training Connor.  He’s starting school in January, and it looked like all the kids in what will be his class are wearing undies and not nappies; and they were very proudly explaining about potty training time schedules.

Ho hum… not sure if I’m ready for it though.

We have been trying the potty every night before his bath, but he just sits on it, and says ‘sssssss’ and then gets up and climbs in the bath.  LOL!

So, today at the shops I bought normal nappies for night time… and then a pack of training pull-up disposables to try.  And then I went to Woolies to buy undies for him, and possibly training pants (the green kind).

And guess what… Woolies only sell training pants up til age 18-24mths?!?!  WTF!!  There were even training pants for 3-6mth!! WTF for?  So much for my thoughts about going green the easy way!  I’ll just have to use undies 🙂