With Diwali being this week, there were loads of sweetmeats on offer in the office on Monday and Tuesday; and of course I had to try them.  Firstly so that I didn’t offend anyone, but mostly because I like trying new foods! 🙂

I thought I’d write down what I tasted and what I liked…

1.  Barfi -Far too sweet for me.  It tasted like there was condensed milk in it, but the ingredient is called something else.

2.  OK, this name is clearly wrong since google doesn’t like it, but it sounded like Pooven told me it was called Chanamagich.  It’s a nutty soft-ish sweet that was extremely yum because it wasn’t too sweet.

3. Banana Puri – yummy!! I loved this!! It was a pastry of sorts with the yummiest flavour!

Anyhoo, that’s all I got the names of.  There was also coconut ices and other little biscuit looking things too.

Now Bradley goes to a predominantly Christian school, it’s not a Christian school per se; but they are taught about the bible and praying etc etc.  But I believe that the kids should be taught about the other religions that are prevalent at the school.  So, on Monday I asked him if one of his friends (who is hindu) was at school, and when he said no, I explained why.  I also explained about the fireworks that we would hear that night, and on Tuesday night. It took a while for him to understand, that God is not the only deity that people worship. LOL!   But all that has highlighted is that the school hasn’t explained as much as I’d hoped.

Anyway, we’d spoken enough about Diwali at home this week, so on Thursday evening when I asked him if he’d remembered to say “Happy Diwali” to his friend, I was very pleased to hear that he had.  LOL! He must’ve told her as soon as she walked into the classroom, because he said that her mom told him he was very sweet 🙂 !  He told me that he was the only person to greet her like that.

It’s quite sad actually, because you can’t tell me that the other parents didn’t realise that there was a Hindu person in the class, and that they didn’t know about Diwali! Most of them work therefore they should be exposed to that culture in their offices.