He’s finally starting to say a few more words.

Todays new words were milk (he wanted a cup of normal milk not a bottle) and cheese!!  Cool hey?  He’s not talking very clearly, and you do have to decipher quite a bit, but if you listen hard enough, he is actually saying proper words.

His sign language is improving too, which we’re not sure we’re happy about… the more he signs, the less he talks.  His latest sign is to pull his earlobe in the direction of a sound if he’s heard something, and then he copies the sound.

This is particularly apparent in the evenings when our resident frog makes it’s noisy appearance!

Oh and btw, the damn frog has laid eggs in our pool!! We found tadpoles last week which Lance cleared out, and then we found more frogs eggs today!  And if you’re wondering how they’ve survived so long… we have 2 pools that are joined… a normal adult pool, and a kiddies paddling pool.  The kiddies pool is too shallow for a pool cleaning system and gets manually cleaned on weekends… hence the safe haven for the frog!