I’ve spent most of the last 2 weeks on Microsoft CRM courses, so I’m frantically trying to catch up with some real work… the kind I get paid for.

But the universe seems to be conspiring against me… it’s just not happening the way I’ve planned. Take today as a prime example…

Plan: Get out of the house by 8am in order to get to a nursery school to scope check it out for Connor for next year. Then get to work by 9am, because I needed to be in a long scoping session by 10am.

Reality: I have no idea why I expect the traffic to play along with me today.  I got to work at 9:30am!  And then it took 40 minutes to get my laptop to decide to work! Luckily I had told people that I was probably going to be late this morning.

Plan: Work until 4:30.

Reality: Get frantic phones call from Beauty at 12:30.  Bradley is in tears, his ear is sore.  Now Bradley has been at home this week because he’s sick, but until today he wasn’t sick enough to go to the doctor.  Told her to give him Lotem, and see how he goes.

Then I phoned my mom at 1:30 to find out how he was doing (she picked the boys up from my house at 1pm).  He was sleeping, but still in pain.  I decided that he needed to see the doctor, so phoned  and made an appointment for 5pm.  But also decided that even though Connor is also sick, that he wasn’t sick enough to also see the doc.

Left work at 3:15pm. So much for my plans.  Phoned Lance to organise him to get food, because I thought it was going to be a long wait.

Anyhoo, turns out Bradley has an ear infection in his one ear.  He also has a sinus infection and an eye infection! Not only that, but the doctor pulled out a BALL OF WAX that was in his other ear!! Holy crap! You should have seen the size of it.  I thought stories about wax balls were jokes!! Well, they’re not!

And then it gets better… I get back to the car with the kids… and Connor walks into the car door! So he now has a bump on his head.

Then we get home, and Lance gives the kids some chips to eat while they wait for us to get organised and sort supper out.  We hear this strange sound and weird cry, and we both come running from opposite sides of the house.  Connor CHOKED on his chips!! He was already  blue in the face by the time we got there.  Bradley is sitting obliviously watching TV!  It took us a while (we both tried) to get the chip dislodged and get him breathing again. IT WAS FRIGHTENING!

Needless to say, he didn’t want to eat.  His coughing is now worse than it was earlier on today.  And I actually think he has a sore throat.  And he’s fiddling with his ears. Ho hum!  I suppose he should have seen the doctor after all.

Oooh and then, I almost forgot… I decided to bath the kids in our bathroom upstairs tonight.  I get Connor’s clothes off and he runs around like a mad thing like normal.  I follow him out of the bathroom to take his clothes to the washing basket only to see him leap, literally leap, out of the bedroom door and jump up and down on the landing! OMG! He’s got a death wish, I swear.  The landing at the top of the stairs where he was jumping is about 1 square metre.

Nice day hey?  How was yours?

Oooh and, if you’re American, I hope you voted!