I missed last month’s campaign on a local blog aggregator, Afrigator, to win a T-shirt from Springleap, but this month I haven’t forgotten! LOL, thanks to Exmi’s post though that reminded me!

This month’s campaign – “Afrigreater December” – is all about what peeves you about the Afrigator site, I’m assuming this drive is to build awareness of the site as well as to make the site work better… which is never a bad thing.  So, even though this is quite negative, and they’re taking quite a risk in getting all this negative sentiment about the site, I suppose it’s still good publicity… and hey… I love the Springleap T-shirts… yes, I’m quite shallow that way 😉

So here are my top 3 improvements that need to be made on the site…

1.  The login page… there’s a spelling error… now that’s my pet peeve.  I can’t stand spelling errors on sites.  In this case, apparently they’re wanting to “Remeber me”?  The other thing about the login page needs to be enhanced, is that there’s no option to send me my password… LOL… because I tried to login from work a few days ago and I cannot for the life of me remember what my password is.

2.  On the home page, there’s a column with Recent Blog posts.  It looks strange.  I’m posting this at 10:43pm, and the most recent post on the list of SA blog posts on there is 9:29pm.  And the post before that 8:37pm.  So, how recent is recent?  And it can’t be all of them, because there’s almost an hour gap in the feed.  So they must either fix the feed, or explain if there’s a time delay.

3.  The search facility needs to allow a user to search by blog name or content or both.  At the moment, it’s almost impossible to find a blog without trawling through the ranking pages.  And then when you do finally find a blog, it would be nice to see the author’s details and see what other blogs the person has.

OK, that’s it for now, and I need to sleep.  Hopefully one day I’ll also hear from the Adgator site again, I was quite looking forward to a SA ad network for blogs (it was for my photoblog in case you’re wondering how I’ve managed to wangle ads on a wp.com site).