Firstly, let me say, that that NoMoPlo thing… will not do it again!! LOL! It’s too much having more than one blog.  No idea why I thought I’d be able to post every day during November.

Anyhoo, on with the story…

Connor has become a bit of a TV addict.  I know, he’s less than 2, and that makes me a bad mommy, but bully for you!

I’m convinced that all he does in the mornings with Beauty is watch TV.  She was good at stimulating him when he was a baby, but I can see that she does very little with him now.  I actually can’t wait for him to start nursery school in January, he’s going to love it… after the first week of tantrums.  And the reason we think that… everytime we get home in the middle of the morning, Connor is sitting on the coffee table watching TV.

And guess what his favourite program is, apart from the obligatory Barney…. Charlie and Lola!! And closely followed by Teletubbies and In the Night Garden.

At least Charlie and Lola is cute… and the cutest part is hearing him ask for Lola to start.  LOL!! It’s one of the few words that he says perfectly 🙂

And talking about TV programs… I saw on Tiff’s blog a few weeks ago that her kids have a Ninky Nonk toy from In the Night Garden… do you think I can find it in SA?? Not a chance!  Oh how I wish, Connor would LOVE that for Christmas!