I don’t think I’ve ever left my Christmas shopping so late! I had planned on finishing it last week during lunch breaks at work, but that didn’t pan out did it?
I’m now completely stressing.
I haven’t even organised the gifts for the boys’ cousins in New Zealand… I’d found what I wanted to order them… only to discover now that they’re sold out!! ARRRRRGGGHHHH!! I was going to get them Mr Men T-shirts from Mr Vintage, they were so cute!
I still have 4 people to shop for… and yes… that includes Lance! Crap!

And what am I doing about it… LOL… blogging of course 🙂

One thing before I go… what do you think about this photo framed? It’s for Lance’s aunt… I took the photo in her garden. Hope she likes it. I was going to do a collage of all the photos I’ve taken in her garden this year and frame it, but I’m thinking that simple is better… what are your thoughts?