I flew back from Hermanus this afternoon. I’m so very glad that I made the effort to go to Grandpa’s memorial service.

It was so strange seeing my grandmother without him being around. They were married for 65 years, and I can’t remember EVER seeing them apart. When I got there on Wednesday morning, we took her out for lunch, and it was just very very weird.
She’s doing very well under the circumstances, but I think it’s because he’s been going downhill for so long, that she expected it… and also my granny has always said that she could see death coming… and even though she hasn’t said anything… maybe that’s one of the reasons why she’s so strong now. I think she’s been preparing for this for a while… and that’s a good thing.

She also showed a bit of her spunky side again 🙂 which was great to see, even though we all asked her not to do it again. She very proudly told us that she’d walked to town from the home last week!! Across a piece of veld and then along the road. OK, it’s not THAT far for able bodied people… but it must be more than 1km… and she walks with a walking stick for crying out loud! I’m chuckling while I’m typing this because I think it’s fantastic that she’s showing a bit a spunk again… but OMW… she could have fallen again… who would have helped her?? It’s not like she carries a cell phone to call for help!
LOL, and then when my dad gave her a bit of grief about it, she just replied “OK, well, I’m going to just go around the block for now… ***silence***… and then slowly go further and further away” LOL! I thought he was going to have a fit!!

Anyhoo, back to my grandpa… I’m not sure I’ll ever forget this (but I have to write this down anyway)…
The memorial service was lovely, and my dad said the most wonderful things about his father. My dad spoke about his history and about a few of the things that we’d all discussed and remembered over dinner the night before. All about the sport he played and the fact that he was the resident Mr Fix-it who built all mine and my brother’s projects at school and fixed anything that everyone else was willing to throw away.
It was very emotional for everyone, especially for Granny Marie. At the end of my dad’s speech, I looked above my dad’s head… and all I saw was Grandpa looking at us and smiling and chuckling… with his shoulders moving just like in my favourite memories of him. I know his spirit was with us in that church that day.

I’m very thankful that I could say my goodbyes.