Connor has all of a sudden changed.  I know I’ve blogged about him quite a bit lately, but he’s changing so much and I have to record it somewhere 🙂

I’ve mentioned before that his vocab improved in the last 2 weeks (while I was on leave), but he’s just astounding us every day with new words.  Not phrases yet, still words, but this is HUGE for him!  All of a sudden he’s decided to start copying words, which is the cutest thing to listen to.

I took the boys food shopping on the way home last night, and he was sitting in the back of the trolley (I know… he’s not supposed to sit there… but you try fight that fight with him).  I’d bought a few cold items and then a hot grilled chicken.  He touched the cold milk and said “cawld” and then touched the chicken and said “hot hot hot”.  LOL!! I thought that was clever 🙂

I could go and list all the words he’s saying but that would bore you to tears.  I have to tell you though what my favourite words are… “chuse” or juice, “bovil” or bovril (I know he’s a strange kid, he’s barely talking yet he can say bovril by name!), “poon” or spoon, “bow” or bowl, and “eeeuuuuwww” or cat.  Yip, you guessed it, he’s still calling all animals by their sounds and not by the names 🙂

As for other stuff, the biggest thing happening at the moment is the start of potty training. It’s the bane of every mother’s life.  I can’t wait for him to get out of nappies, yet the process seems endless and it’s just crap (excuse the pun)! I’ve been trying to get him to wee in the potty before his bath for a few months now, but it was a pointless exercise and he would just sit on it for 5 second and say “pssss” and then get off and run away.  Then, 2 weeks ago,   I started leaving him nappy free after our swims and showing him that he could wee in the garden.  That’s been quite successful, and he’s started getting quite good control in the last week.

Then yesterday, he decided that tonight was the night…. he actually did it… he wee’d in his potty!! Woohoo! And he did it again tonight!! i’m thrilled! I hope this means that he’s close to having no nappy during the day.  I think I’m going to try this weekend.  I wasn’t going to do anything until the teachers started the process in a month’s time, but I think he’s ready, and he hasn’t had a major issue adjusting to school.   Hope I’m right!

And there goes my little baby… he’s nearly a big boy!