Bradley started school today.  This year he’s in Grade 0… BIG school.

He was in the same school last year, so there aren’t that many changes for him from Pre-Primary.  He has the same friends.  He’s still in the same uniform apart from his new real school shoes (last year they could wear almost anything on their feet).

But even on the first day… the move to BIG school was very apparent…

  • The lockers in the classroom are now organised alphabetically instead of randomly
  • He has his own stationery that we spent ages marking with his name last night
  • He has a chair bag for the first time!
  • He attended assembly for the first time

… and the biggest change for him… “Mom, we had to wear our shoes ALL day, we weren’t allowed to take them off!”

I must tell you though, that some of the mom’s were really over the top with this BIG school thing.  I mean please, they were in the same school last year and etc etc as I explained above.  While I was waiting for the assembly to start, I cannot tell you how many mom’s standing around me were getting all emotional about their child starting big school.  They were all going on about how they’re sad about their babies growing up.. and how much this means to them… and it’s so big etc etc.

I’m normally the one who cries at the drop of a hat… but please… it was ridiculous!  The only major change is that they’ve moved to the other side of the school road!!