Connor is fine… well… when he’s on Nurofen that is ;).  I actually had to explain to the doc this morning that he was actually looking quite ill last night when I booked the appointment… you would never have said there was anything wrong with him today… he was climbing on the chairs in the waiting room… chasing another little boy down the passages and generally causing his normal chaos 🙂

The doc said that he’s seen loads of bad spider bites lately, so he prescribed an antibiotic to add to the Bactroban ointment that he’s getting on the bite .  It’ll also help to stop the blood  under his toenail from getting infected – kill 2 birds with one stone.  As far as the toe is concerned, it might be broken but because there’s nothing much you can do for a broken big toe, we have to play the wait and see game with it.  If it gets worse or the swelling doesn’t go down, we’ll have to take him back to get the blood under the toenail drained.

He’s in a lot of pain again tonight, so he’s been drugged and put to bed (that sounds bad.. but anyhoo)

And Bradley… well he seems to be settling into the school routine quite nicely.  At the parents evening last night, the teacher was telling us what we can expect them to do by the end of the year… and OMW it’s impressive…

1.  Count to 100 – well he’s been doing that for ages, but we’ll let the other ones catch up 😉  I didn’t realise how many kids couldn’t do that… some of the parents looked very sceptical.

2.  Count to 50 in 5’s and 30 in 2’s – he can count to 20 in 2’s already.  He’ll be able to do basic sums – addition and subtractions… he’s almost there already.

3.  Be able to read basic sentences and write 3 letter words.  A some of the kids will be able to write simple sentences and paragraphs by the end of the year.

I thought that was great.  The downside though… we start homework this year.   And the discipline this year is vastly different to last year. I think she’s going to be a tough teacher, but according to his old teacher, she’s a very good teacher.  I hope that’s true.

As she said, the kids learn more and grow more this year, than they will in the rest of their school careers.  Wow!