I’m sure you’re getting bored with my ravings about the carguards at the shopping centre close to my house, but today they did it again… or rather the same guy did it again.

I happened to park next to an old car, and the car guard was tapping on the window.  I look inside, and there’s a maltese poodle in the car.  All 4 windows of the car are slightly open, but very slightly.  Dog is distressed and barking.  It was 27deg C at the time!  The car guard was looking a little stressed too.

Now, that is one of my pet hates! Cars get so hot so quickly, and there was no way that there was enough air for the poor dog.  I asked the guard if the dog had been there long… he replies… very long, half an hour.  My blood is then starting to boil, but I told the guard that if I came out of Woolies and the dog was still there, that we’d do something.

All the way around Woolies, I was wondering how I was going to smash the window without getting the dog hurt, and then wondering whether I’d get sued.  Yes, I’m quite strange like that!  My imagination was running riot!

Thankfully the car was gone by the time I got out of the shop 15 minutes later (I didn’t need much).  Not sure whether I would have actually smashed the window as I’d thought of doing… I probably would have gone to look for the owner first and given them a piece of my mind.  But then again, I was angry enough to smash something today.