Human rights groups, governments, and people in general go on and on about HIV education for the masses… and there’s a lot of that going around.  There does however seem to be a flaw in the education process… and it was highlighted to me today!

Who teaches the doctors… I’m talking about GP’s and their staff?  Does anyone actually insist that they get trained or does everyone assume, like I did, that they are trained or if not, will actually go and find information?

I had a very interesting conversation with a GP this morning.  One that is practising in Johannesburg.

According to this brilliant man, giving a few people injections with the same syringe but with clean needles is perfectly safe!  I’m sorry, but every article I’ve found on the web (from the CDC site to umpteen local health website) and every medical person I’ve spoken to today (from my SIL and brother who are trained paramedics to my own GP) agrees with me… it’s far from safe.   My SIL said that even her father (who was a Vet) didn’t share syringes on the animals he treated… it’s a matter of ethics.

I wonder how many people he’s put at risk. Think about it. It’s not only the people he’s injected using this draconian method, it’s also their families.  It makes me so so mad!