Last night Lance and I woke up to the sounds of gunshots.

Before all you non-SA people lift your eyebrows… it doesn’t happen often in my neighbourhood… which is why we woke up.

Last night, however, it sounded closer than I’ve ever heard them.  First we heard screaming.  Then we heard shots.  It was definitely from 2 different guns, they sounded very different.  And it must’ve been very close for us to have heard the screams.  And then the shots were on the move… the sounds came closer to our house… and then further away.

Lance and I were chatting about it this morning and we both feel that the strangest thing of all was that there were no police sirens AT ALL!  Weird.

They must’ve been called by people living closer to the noise.  But who knows if they ever arrived?!  I suppose I’ll have to wait for the next email from the neighbourhood watch people to see wha was going on.  If it had happened closer to us, we would have phoned the neighbourhood security and the police but we didn’t because we had no idea where the sound was coming from and we weren’t going to take a chance and go looking for it (but nothing and no-one came down our road).

My MIL phoned this afternoon though, to tell us that a friend of hers heard on the radio that there was a shootout last night in our area with AK47’s, but I can’t find any news on the net about it.

Very strange.  And so tonight, our garden alarm beams went on extra early and Lance says he’s not going to sleep well (I always sleep well 😉 ).