I knew this was coming, we were warned that homework would start, but it was so strange to see a homework book appear in Bradley’s bookbag this week, and have to sit with him and actually do it!!

Thankfully though, it’s fun for him to do, and so far it’s quite easy.  I like the way they do it.  It’s not all about his academics, it’s about life skills too. And apparently if we spend more than 20 minutes doing it this year, we’re taking too long and we need to stop.

For example, here’s what we’ve had to do this week (we got the week’s schedule on Monday):

Monday:  Count to 20.  Brush your teeth every morning and every evening.

Tuesday:  Write the letters c, o, a, d in the air.  Keep your bathroom tidy.

Wednesday:  Play eye-spy with the letters c, o, a, d (this was loads of fun today).  Wash and dry between your toes and fingers.  Read a poem with him.

Thursday:  Sing heads, shoulders, knees and toes.  And I can’t remember the rest, and I’m too lazy to walk downstairs to check his book 😉

Interestingly too, the sequence of letters c, o, a, d is the sequence in which they learn the letters at school.  And the reason… the shape of a C is the most natural one to write and it’s the first shape that you naturally learn.  And then the others naturally follow from there.  Interesting hey?  The teacher told us that at his parent’s evening.