Sheena shared a link to Don’s blog where he wrote about a woman in Jo’burg who is trying to trade articles until she can get office space… and she started with one matchstick!

She’s then planning on contributing some of the space for entrpreneurial start-ups… I think it’s a very cool idea and I hope she achieves it.

I had quite a good laugh reading her blog and seeing what people have tried to offer her lately.  Some of them are really funny… like the set of false teeth.

She started 2 years ago…

Hi! I’m Telana Simpson, and I’m trading one matchstick for offices. I started this project on 12 June 2006, and will be trading items up until I get offices. Would you like the Balloon Safari with Champagne Breakfast for Two!? That’s my current item to trade. Send me an email ( or give me a buzz or sms on +27837302979 to make your offers. When I get my offices, I’ll be contributing some space to mentoring a start-up entrepreneurial enterprise. I’m in Jozi, South Africa, and will go anywhere in South Africa to make the trade- I’ll even consider anywhere in the world if the trade is right!