I read an article on IOL earlier today about the lights on Table Mountain being turned off for Earth Hour this year.

and the World Wide Fund for Nature is hoping that Table Mountain won’t be the only part of Cape Town which is plunged into darkness from 8.30pm to 9.30pm on March 28.

What a great initiative on the part of Cape Town!

I see that Johannesburg has also pledged support for this cause… I wonder what they’re going to turn off.  Is there something as symbolic as the Mountain that is lit up?  Unless they get business to turn off Sandton?  I mean really, if they turn off things like the Nelson Mandela bridge or something in Newtown… imagine how much crime will be in that hour.

It’s a noble cause though, and we should all try to make a plan this year.

So, follow this link to the Earth Hour site, and pledge your support.  Better yet… hold an Earth Watch party at 8:30PM on Saturday 28 March 2009.