Only a week to go before Connor’s birthday, and I only managed to send out the invitations yesterday.  LOL, it’s the latest I’ve started organising a party ever!  Hope people will be able to make it.

On Friday afternoon in Woolies, we passed some Spiderman item, and Connor say “pider” and twirls his arms and goes “fssshhhh”(he’s been watching spiderman on TV with Bradley).  So I ask him if he wants a Spiderman cake at his party.  “mmm…hmmm” is the reply (his version of yes).

So, then I say “What about a plane cake?”  and again “mmm…hmmm” is the response.  LOL!  I should have known better.  So, I asked him again “Do you want Spiderman?”  This time the answer is “No… pane”.

Isn’t his talking cute?! I can’t wait to blog about conversations with him.

We finally had a theme.  While I was on that roll, I went next door to the home industry and ordered the cake… an aeroplane cake… and then finally got around to doing the invites!    And what do you think?  I like the way they turned out!

Thanks to Sue for the idea in the comments on the last post on the subject a few weeks ago.