I took Connor to the doctor this afternoon.

This morning he was sleepy again, but he perked up this afternoon after he managed to finish his food… but i still decided to take him.

Yet again, he was running around the doctors rooms like a lunatic!  He didn’t “look” sick at all!

The doctor reckons he’s got roseola (baby measles) now.  So thankfully it’s not contagious because we were really getting worried about Bradley.  the only symptoms that didn’t add up were the blister on his ear, and his urine sample results.

He checked him thoroughly though, because a blister could have meant foot and mouth disease apparently… but that’s the only blister that’s on his body and his mouth is clear.  And as for the urine sample… we have to do another one in the morning and go back to the doctor… because he found some pus which could be because he’s not circumsized and he didn’t have a bath last night (he fell asleep before his bath).

when I take the urine sample back in the morning I also have to tell him whether he’s still lethargic, because he looked like he was getting a bit better this afternoon.

I actually think the doctor thought I was a bit mad.  While I was telling him about the symptoms, he looked at me and said “we normally expect a vast improvement in 48 hours (after anti-biotics) and you’ve waited another 48 hours on top of that”.   That’s all he said… but I’m sure he thought that I should have brought him back earlier.   But truely… I hate being  a paranoid mom and I needed to be sure that he wasn’t going to get better before I took him back.

And anyway, he didn’t even get more muti… he’s got all he can have at the moment.

Oh well, I’m hoping that tomorrow will be better and that the urine thing means nothing.