Connor is still sick… in fact, he’s not getting better at all

He’s been on antibiotics since Monday because of his tonsillitis (remember… doc said his tonsils were swollen shut and full of white sores).

He’s not eating properly.  The last meal where he ate all his food was on Saturday.

He’s always sleepy.  In fact yesterday and today he spent most of the day asleep and he was in bed before I got home at 6:30pm today!

His fevers have stopped.  The last one was yesterday morning.

Poor kid 🙁  I’m actually quite worried about him.

My SIL and brother visited my mom this afternoon while the boys were there, and Nicole (SIL) reckons that he has got MEASLES now! He’s got a bad rash behind his ears and it’s starting on his face.  He didn’t have a rash this morning though!

So, it’s off to the doctor again tomorrow afternoon (I’m too busy at work to take him in the morning).  Hope it isn’t so, but it makes sense considering the fact that he’s just not recovering.

On the subject of my brother… he’s started blogging too… and he’s posted the most heart wrenching poem today (he’s a paramedic).  Read it HERE.  In fact, when he wrote a post a few days ago about the calls he had to attend to on his birthday it made me realise how much easier my job is than his.  I really take my hat off to him and his wife!