Yip, Connor is sick yet again.

Lance took him to the doctor yesterday afternoon because we’d had a bad night, and Connor was complaining about his ears being sore (it’s wonderful that he can tell us what’s wrong… very little guessing is required now)

And the verdict… ear infection, eye infection and tonsillitis again!! So he’s back on antibiotics… yet again!

The doctor did say though, that if this happens again, he wants to send him for more tests.  It’s ridiculous, he was on antibiotics 2 weeks ago!

I can’t believe we’re going through the same thing as we did with Bradley.  When Bradley first started school, the paediatrician said that he’s see us every 2 weeks for the first 6 months… and we did.  And it looks like the entire cycle is being repeated with Connor… so much for getting the immunity from his older brother!