It was Lance’s birthday on Saturday and we got him a hammock… which he loved… and then packed away because the little monsters thought it was their new swing!  Oh well, hope he’ll get some use out of it!

Connor is feeling better.  He’s not 100% yet but he’s well enough to go to school tomorrow… and hopefully they’ll be able to get him to eat! I’m only getting the results of the lab tests done on his seconed urine sample in the morning, but I’m sure he’s fine… apart from the NEW spider bite on his knee!! Blummin’ heck, even with the pest exterminators coming in he’s managed to get another bite!

My parents came for tea on Saturday afternoon, and my dad used my camera to take photos of the 4 of us because we don’t have ONE; and my grandmother wants to frame a photo of us! Easier said than done… here are the best 2 of the lot.First one would be perfect if everyone was facing the camera.  Second one… well apart from the obvious dummy in the way… spot where Connor’s hand was!!  LOL!

I’ll have to crop it, and we’ll have to find her a long narrow frame 🙂  Either that, or take one again!!

Note how swollen Connor’s face is… he wasn’t a very happy puppy yesterday.