It’s Election day today in South Africa, so yay we have a day off work.

It’s 9:30am, and I’m still in my jarmies and having coffee, and the weather is miserable today!  Twitter is currently going nuts with everyone posting photos of the queues all over the country, and their inked thumbs when they’re done… it’s so very cool to watch it via social media as it happens :).  The guys are using the #VoteZA and #SAElections hashtags, if you want to search for the pics (go to and type #saelections ).

We’re going to go this afternoon, I think.  Hopefully the queues would have died down by then.

I’m hoping that the ANC won’t make the 2/3rd majority they’re looking for, but I don’t have that much faith in my countrymen.  If they get that magic number, they’ll be able to change the constitution.  Or as the clown of our political system says… the ANC is not looking for a 2/3rd’s majority this time, they’re looking for a 3 3rds!!  He’s a madman, but that’s a topic for another post… and he scares me… he’s too dangerous… it reminds me of the fanatical following that Hitler had actually. Just read this post that appeared on MyNews24 last week.

Yesterday, the office and the shops were buzzing with election talk.  Some people not wanting to say who they’re voting for, and others shouting out that people must vote for the “winning party” or anything other than them.  From the reactions yesterday, and the way people were responding, I think that most black people will vote ANC again… just because they’re the winning party… there seems to be no substance behind their decision… and that’s very sad and worrying.

In fact, the M&G have had a poll prediction website up with a whole load of questions, and dependant on your answers the program would tell you who you should vote for.  Very clever, and it had the policies of the major political parties  built into the answers.  According to that, I should vote for the DA or the ID.  Everyone in the office was doing the poll  yesterday, and eventually one of the ladies piped up that she think it’s rigged because no-one’s outcomes said they should vote for the ANC.

It wasn’t rigged, because I’d seen twitterers results being posted and results on Babynet too, and there were a few people whose results said they should vote for ANC.  PMSL! What does that really tell you?

Anyway, I need to get today going… I’m going to try catch up with my blog reading later… and I’m taking photos for Earthmosaic too… hope you all are too!!