Just when I thought we’d had enough drama for the weekend… with Bradley losing his tooth and then falling under a train… Connor HAD to just do something to top it off.

This evening the kids were watching TV and eating popcorn. I was upstairs editing photos, and Lance was in the diningroom working on his laptop.  All of a sudden, Connor starts calling softly and calmly “Help me Mommy”.

Bradley is sitting right next to him and ignores him.  We ask Connor what we can help with, but he just keeps saying help.  It seriously doesn’t sound like  stressed call though.

Eventually Lance decides to investigate to discover that Connor had lodged 2 popcorn kernels up his nostrils and he can’t breathe through his nose!!

I swear! These kids! Luckily he managed to get them out by blowing his nose really hard.  Thankfully I didn’t have to rush him an ER!!

And yes, I feel guilty as hell.  I should’ve gone downstairs as soon as he started calling.  If he’d sounded stressed I would’ve been there immediately, but he sounded so very calm!

So that was my exciting weekend, hows has yours been?