Let me sketch the scene… Lance has gone to Cape Town for the night, so the boys are terrorising me on my own tonight.

Bradley has been very good, because he knows he gets to sleep in my bed when dad is away (I lock us in the main bedroom at night with the alarm set in the rest of the house and garden when he’s away).  Connor has been his most impossible self… like normal.

I actually got the better of Connor eventually.  He didn’t want a bottle (that’s HUGE!), he wanted Milo like Bradley .  I dragged him down the stairs a few times to insist that he finishes his Milo, and I think I eventually somewhere along the line gained control! For the first time in weeks!! He even brushed his teeth without too much drama.

Oh but then it was bedtime.  He knew that Bradley was upstairs so he insisted to sleeping with Bradley right away.  And then it was a nightmare… he wanted to play hide-and-seek and incy-wincy-spider while he’s lying next to Bradley.  Bradley kept trying to turn away from him, or turn towards him and cuddle him.

Eventually I gave up, and went to watch Grays Anatomy instead… and I went back upstairs after 5 or so minutes… they were both fast asleep!! WOW!  I think Bradley cuddled his brother to sleep!

So yes, that’s my happy and sad moment.  Happy that it’s finally quiet.  Sad because they didn’t need me.

And what’s the best medicine for me… red wine (it’s very yum)… a chocolate (it was yum)… and blogging about it… I feel calmer already.

Now hopefully, I can do some proofing!