It’s a bit late, but Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies in bloglandia 🙂

I had a wonderful day today, and got amazingly spoilt.  LOL, I actually went into my blog archives to see if I could find what I’d got from the boys last year and couldn’t find anything, so I guess I didn’t get anything.  Well, this year, Lance more than made up for it.

And this was not even mentioning the cute card that Bradley made me at school, or the little pot of flowers that I got from Connor from school.

I woke up to tea in bed, and a pile of pressies (a gown and undies from La Senza (WOW!!) and sheepskin slippers from Cape Union Mart), and then I had to stay in bed while I waited for my breakfast.  My eggs, bacon and tomato eventually arrived on a tray 🙂  LOVED it!! Poor Lance though, had to contend with the oven that blew in the process (so I need to find an electrician in the morning).

As for the rest of the day, we had a lovely braai at home, after which I went to visit a friend who’d had her baby this week, and then we had tea with my mom (and I got to show off my new Moo cards).

I was supposed to take the baby’s newborn photos today, but her legs are in casts because her feet grew skew in the womb.  It looks a lot better than I’d imagined though… it sounded frightening when the mom told me the story on Friday. Hopefully the plasters come off this week, and we’ll be able to take her photos on Sunday (after Bradley’s birthday party).