There’s a post on the Shutter Sisters blog asking people to post photos of what made their day today.  I was going to post a link to my photoblog where I’ve posted about the Mothers Day assembly that was held at school this morning.

That was special, but after consideration just now as I was about the add the link… I decided that that wasn’t today’s defining moment.

My defining moment came this evening when I got home from work.  As I walked towards the house, Connor ran outside having a HUGE tantrum of note.  He was screaming so much I assumed he’d got hurt somehow… but no…

He was crying because he couldn’t find the flowers that he’d got at school.  He’d wanted to give them to me as I walked in the house.  I had to wait outside so Lance could give him the flower pot and he could walk outside to give it to me :)  Cute hey?!

Then Bradley rushed out too… to give me the card that he’d made for me!

Now that was the defining moment… and guess what… no photos because it was already dark again and supper had to be made.

But then the kids noticed that it was full moon, and we had to do our usual trick.  We all went outside to howl at the moon 🙂

I would love to know what the neighbours say about us… between the temper tantrums, screaming and shouting… and then the howling at the moon that our little family get up to within 5 minutes of us being at home.