We had Bradley’s party on Sunday… the photos will get posted just now on my photoblog.

And of course, at some stage through the party the conversation inevitably goes to discussing other parties.

A few of the moms were talking about a party held on Saturday for one of the girls in Bradley’s class. He’d been invited to the party, but decided that he didn’t want to go… I don’t think he was too impressed by the invite actually. LOL!

The theme was Bollywood, and it was held at the child’s home in a fancy golf estate close to the school.

Well, what came out of that conversation about it warrants a blog post of some sort!  Bear in mind, that these kids are turning 6 years old this year… that’s all… 6.

Apparently it felt like going to a wedding.  The mom had organised a three tiered cake.  There were Bollywood style dancers everywhere and there was some kind of performance during the party too.  If the child wasn’t dressed appropriately, then they were offered outfits when they walked in the door – they were actually dressed and had make-up, bindi’s and their hair done!

And the party packs… genuine leather handbags!! But that’s not all… they were filled with about R500 worth of stuff including bangles, bindi’s, henna, a leather purse etc etc.

The one mom who was telling me the story yesterday has a daughter that’s a bit of a tomboy, and she went to her mom half-way through the party (after trying to dance like everyone else) and said “I don’t want to be a sexy girl anymore”. And when they finally left, and she handed back the clothes she’d been given to wear… they were apparently black from all the mud A had been playing in 🙂

I wish he’d said yes!! Imagine the photos I could have taken! 🙂  I could have gotten a new handbag! LOL!

Anyhoo, here’s the point of my ramble… if this child’s 6 and she’s getting parties like this… imagine what’s going to happen a few years from now.  How on earth are the parents going to top this?