OK, so you all know by now that I rocked camera club on Wednesday!! It was AWESOME!!  But this story isn’t about me.

I was sitting next to a fabulous photographer who’s just got to 5-star – which is International Salon level.  I’m in awe of his work every month… and in fact, if I ever wanted to do a boudoir shoot, I’d go to him… his nudes are just INCREDIBLE!

Anyway, this month, he submitted a photo of a street protest in London.  It ws submitted under Photojournalism.  When I think of a protest I imagine a photo with picketers and people shouting and police etc etc. And the photo had all of that, including massive placards etc which explained the story.

And you know what mark they gave him?  A silver!! And the reason… it was “too busy” and he should have had a plainer background.

Oh  pulleezzzz!! I ask you with tears in my eyes, how daft is that statement!!! It’s a frigging protest!! How can you have a plainer background?!