Two small things happened today that made me realise that Bradley is no longer my little boy.

The first happened early this morning when he had to get dressed.  I took out jeans for him and told him to choose a t-shirt, think that he would choose the Ben 10 t-shirt that was on the top of the pile.  I was gobsmacked when he chose the rock t-shirt with an electric guitar on it intead!!

The second major deal was at the party.  The first part of the party was at the Spur, and then after they’d eaten the kids went to play Lazer Battlezone.  Now I’ve played that before, for a teambuild at some stage, and it’s exhausting.  It’s in the pitch black and you run around shooting at each other with lazer guns.

When I went to collect him when the game had finished, he looked so excited. He absolutely LOVED it, and he did so well.  He came 4th out of the 12 kids!! Now that to me is HUGE, he’s never excelled at physical and gross motor stuff.  He was telling me all the way home how he was hiding, and shooting and going upstairs to shoot at people etc etc.

The mom who organised the party said that only one child chickened out because he thought there were scary monsters in there.  And Bradley was so sweet, he told me that he only shot at his best friend once, because even though she was on the opposing team, she was after all his best friend 🙂

Yip, he’s growing up… too fast!